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Fawzi Alghazaly

“After working in different places, states, and occupations, Fawzy Alghazali decided to open a one of a kind business. In 2005, Alghazali immigrated from Yemen to the USA, looking for an opportunity. In 2013, he opened Mocha Cafe in Hamtramck, MI. Alghazali is fascinated with the uniqueness of Yemeni sweets, and he wants to share it in the USA. Since the word ``mocha`` comes from the name of the historic port in Yemen called Al-makha port, Alghazali chose this name to represent his business.”


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Mocha Sweets originated from the idea of making delicious deserts for people to enjoy and have a taste of Yemen. Our products are original and made for your guaranteed satisfaction

4000 Miller Rd, Detroit MI

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